The Malta Linux User Group is a community of Linux and open-source users and enthusiast. We have regular discussions on open-source topics, help each other out with problems and promote the use of Linux and open-source software in Malta and Europe. We meet monthly, and everyone’s invited. Check out the join us page for more information on becoming a member of the MLUG!

Statute of the Malta Linux User Group

1. Name of the Organisation

i. The name of the organisation shall be Malta Linux User Group (MLUG).

2. Organisation

i. The MLUG is an independent, non-profit organisation, operated by its members.

3. Aims

i. To provide a forum for discussing and gaining experience on the GNU/Linux operating system and open-source software (OSS).

ii. To increase awareness and promote the use of the GNU/Linux operating systems and OSS in Malta.

4. Membership

i. Membership in the MLUG is open to individuals who agree with these aims and accept this Statute.

ii. Membership is obtained by registering with the MLUG.

iii. There is currently no membership fee.

5. Committee

i. The MLUG shall have a committee which runs the society on behalf of its members.

ii. The committee consists of six members, who will decide between them the following roles. Other roles may be created as necessary.

a. Chairperson
The responsibility of the chairperson is to chair the committee and general meetings.

b. Secretary
The responsibility of the secretary is to document meeting proceedings, and deal with correspondence.

c. Public Relations Officer
The PRO is responsible for the MLUG’s public image.

d. Assistant chairperson, and assistant secretary
To take over these roles in absence of the chairperson or secretary.

e. Treasurer
The treasurer is responsible for any assets belonging to the MLUG.

f. Membership Officer
The membership officer’s role is to bridge any gaps between the MLUG committee and its members and to attract new members to the LUG.

iii. Committee decisions shall be taken by majority voting. A quorum for a committee meeting shall consist of 3 members. The person chairing the meeting shall have a casting vote.

iv. All committee members should strive to assist one another in accomplishing all necessary tasks.

v. The term of office is one year, after which committee members may seek reelection.

6. Committee Elections

i. The committee is elected during annual (AGM) or extraordinary general meetings (EGM).

ii. Elections are done via a democratic vote, with each member being entitled to one vote, if there are more candidates than positions in the committee.

iii. Any person who has been a member for at least 1 month prior to election is entitled to vote in the election or any other votes taken, and may stand for election.

iv. In the event of a resignation, the runner-up, if any, can automatically take his/her place without the need for an EGM.

7. Meetings

i. An annual general meeting is held each year in the month of October. Notice of the date and place must be given at least two weeks in advance via the mailing list.

ii. The annual general meeting will include reports from the outgoing committee and an election of the new committee.

iii. An extraordinary general meeting will be held if requested by a majority of the committee, or 10% of the members.

8. General

i. The statute can be modified only by a 50% approval at a general meeting.

ii. The views and opinions of the MLUG are completely independent of those of its sponsors or other organisations.