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As you might notice, our Website isn’t what you might call top of the charts active…Although we do have the odd news story every now and then, one will realise that not much discussion happens here.

So is it because we don’t discuss anything ? On the contrary, those who are subscribed to our Mailing list will know that discussions, flamewars and miscellaneous pieces of geekdom abound there.. Which brings me on to the main point of this rather lengthy post..Our mailing list.

The fact that we rely on a mailing list instead than on forum may seem strange at first but obviously has it’s benefits. The main reason behind this is that it’s simpler to most people to access their emails during their day and while browsing a forum may be tedious to go through, email clients tend to be able to group email threads pretty well (gmail, evolution all do this).

For all of you who might want to register on our mailing list and be able to start receiving threads and participate, visit the following link: . Once registered with mailman (our mailing list server) you will start receiving emails posted and also be able to post back..

Edit: To help everyone get a kickstart with the mailing list, we have also added the option of registering with the mailing list directly from the website..Just click on mailing lists in the column on the left and register with the mailing list. This will default to the email address used to register on the website for registration.

Hope to cya all on the mailing list soon

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