Malta Linux User Group

Annual General Meeting | October 2013

Minutes below the break!

Attendees: Jonathan Aquilina, Ramon Casha, Keith Vassallo

Meeting Started: 09:30

  1. Increasing Attendance
      1. The idea was proposed that regular monthly meetings be replaced by regular monthly workshops. During these workshops, advanced Linux topics would be discussed. Presentations would be given by group members and invited guests.
      2. The workshops will be free, however we will need sponsorship of a venue. A local training company is being contacted about this.
      3. The mailing list will be contacted to propose topics.
      4. Workshops proposed include:
        • How to setup a web server.
        • How to setup mail server.
        • How to harden Apache.
        • IPv6.
        • How to setup a game server.
        • LVM.
        • Android development.
        • Raspberry Pi.
        • How to setup a Linux cloud.
        • Introduction to open-source development.
        • Tutorial on VI.
        • GIT.
        • Tutorial on Windows cross compilation.
  2. IPv6 in Malta
    1. NIC Malta is to be contacted again regarding this project.
  3. LibreOffice
    1. Conference.
      1. One of our members proposed having a future LibreOffice conference in Malta.
      2. The location would need  a big main room and many further small rooms.
      3. We would also need to take care of flights and accommodation.
      4. We need sponsorship for this event, and we have limited man power.
    2. Translations
      1. Possibility of setting up a translate-a-thon at ICE with members from the Malta Wikipedia team.
  4. University of Malta Hardware
    1. To check with Raphael re what hardware we have there.
  5. 6PM
    1. We need to move our server out of there, and take up their virtual server offer.
  6. Election
    1. New committee is as follows.
      1. Chairman: Jonathan Aquilina.
      2. Secretary: Keith Vassallo.
      3. Treasurer: Ramon Casha.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00


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