Minutes for Malta Linux User Group Meeting

Saturday, 23rd February 2013. Crave, Valletta Waterfront. 10:00.

Attendance: Jonathan Aquilina, Ramon Casha, Patrick O’Gorman, Keith Vassallo

  1. The MLUG server has been migrated to 6PM, thanks to a kind sponsorship offer by David Vella. The MLUG will reciprocate via a banner advert.
  2. Jonathan Aquilina has also kindly offered to host the MLUG website and mailing list on his hosting accounts. This has been accepted and the site is currently running much better than before.
  3. David has also offered to instead host our server on a XEN virtual server. the MLUG has decided to accept this offer. The XEN server will be used for the hosting of open source projects as well as any downloads related to initiatives taken by MLUG. It was also decided that ISO images of popular distributions will be hosted on this server.
  4. Patrick commented that the mailman subscription page is unfashionable, and that a frontend should be created for it. This task shall be delegated to a member.
  5. TV program Gadgets has offered to advertise any upcoming InstallFest organised by the MLUG, and to also cover the event when it happens. Keith shall be having discussions with our sponsor ICE Malta to organise the next one.

Meeting closed at 11:20

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