How to Contribute

The Maltese spelling dictionary project is run entirely on a volunteer basis. This incldues the maintenance of the word list, the online spell checker, this website, the documentation, site infrastructure and promotion.

Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

  • Linguist? Contribute words to the dictionary and correct existing spelling errors. This is Priority Number 1. See the GitHub page below, or if you are not familar with GitHub, get in touch and we'll guide you through the simple process.
  • Developer? We could use someone polish up the website and especially, integrate the spell checker with Microsoft Windows. Check out our GitHub page.
  • Designer? We could use some custom artwork, a logo, and some icons. Get in touch!
  • Organisation? All of the work that goes into this spell checker is done on a voluntary basis. However, we still have costs for IT infrastructure. We would also like to be able to hire professionals to further improve the quality of the spelling checker. If you would like to sponsor the project, kindly get in touch.
  • Something else? Have another idea? A suggestion? A comment? A funny joke? Get in touch!
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